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The Brand of Granite

The brand of granite was born as a project in the Galician granite sector, headed by the Granite Cluster and, with the aim of differentiating Galician materials from those of the competition.  Making use of quality control of the materials through a regulatory body: The Granite Technological Centre of Galicia.

Brand promoters

The Granite Cluster is a non-profit association whose objective is to manage, promote, defend, coordinate and represent its members' interests and those of the granite sector and all the sectors or activities related to this sector.

The Cluster also aims to increase the level of competitiveness of the sector, promoting and encouraging the interaction of different agents to boost and foster relationships among them, involving them in processes of collaborative exchange aimed at obtaining advantages and benefits derived from the execution of specified projects and of innovative character.

Likewise, the Cluster will facilitate, through the achievement of a sufficient critical mass of the group of companies and grouped organizations, the innovative practices for improving the competitiveness of companies and their international projection and presence.

The Xunta de Galicia, co-owner of the Brand, joins the granite sector’s initiative as public developer, necessary for any guarantee mark. In addition to being a guarantor of the products covered by the Regulation, it will ensure its compliance, forming part of the Brand’s Governing Council, which is the body responsible for designing the Brand strategy.

Certification body

The CTG is the entity in charge of controlling, auditing and ensuring compliance with the Regulation.

The Granite Technological Centreoffers customized solutions to the needs of each client. The services provided by the Granite Technological Centre range from consulting in the field of construction, the environment and marketing to the development of works related to innovation in product design and processes around the world of natural stone.

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