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Granite is a material that prevails in time and enhances the history of our civilization.

Its use is present in all the architectural manifestations in Galicia, from antiquity to the present. This legacy allows us to maintain a tradition in the methods of work, in the extraction, transformation and application of the material, being able to affirm that the Galician inherited the knowledge, the obligation and the culture of the stone.

As a result of this knowledge acquired over the years, we have a technology and a tradition which makes us the people who best produce, cut, transform and place granite in the world.


20th century. 60's

The first international work of Eduardo Chillida was executed in 1965 with Rosa Porriño granite. The outstanding sculptor moved to the quarries of O Porriño to carry out this project with stonemasons from the area, brothers Francisco and José Antonio Lemos Romero. It is an enormous sculpture in memory of John Fitzgerald Kennedy, which is in the Museum of Fine Arts in Houston.

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